Kindergarten Screening

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Kent Elementary School
Tuesday August, 11th and Wednesday August 12th

August 2020

Hello KES Kindergarten Parents,

I am so excited that I will get to meet each of you, and most especially your children, this coming Tuesday and Wednesday at each of your appointment times.  I have been preparing for your arrival over the past few weeks.  I wanted to share some information with you so that you are aware of what we will be doing and how we will be doing it, as well as to share some safety information to help put your minds at ease:

What is Kindergarten Screening and why is this needed?  Who will be there?

Screening incoming Kindergarten children allows us to gain information about your child so that we can create well balanced classes and become familiar with their strengths as well as areas they may need extra support.  We look at language, concepts, as well as fine and gross motor skills. Tasks such as writing their name, counting, identifying colors, letters and numbers, cutting and jumping will be given to your children.  They usually find this fun so it is nothing to worry about.  KES staff, including myself and our current Kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Douglas, Mrs. Thaler, Ms. Patterson and Mrs. Goldberg will be there.  Our ENL teacher, Mrs. Brettholtz and our OT teacher Mrs. Ostie will also be there.

How long will this take and where is this done?

Screening will take place in our KES cafeteria right inside our main entrance.  The screening usually takes about 50 minutes depending on the group of children.  Children rotate through stations and will meet multiple staff members.  Parents will be asked to wait outside, or in your car, or in our gymnasium.  Parents are not permitted to be in the cafeteria.  We will have chairs spread out in the gymnasium for social distancing adherence as well as spread out outside the main doors in case it would be nice to sit outside.  You will be able to choose where you are most comfortable waiting.

What safety measures are you taking to keep my child safe?

I am taking every measure possible to ensure your child’s safety, comfort, and confidence throughout the screening process.  All children, staff, and parents will need to wear masks throughout the duration of your visit, please make sure both you and your child come prepared with masks.  I will have plenty on hand as a back-up should you forget, so don’t panic if you are halfway here and realize you forgot them.  All activity stations will be social distanced with no less than 12 feet in between each area.  Any materials used by multiple children will be sanitized in between each use so there is no cross contamination. Teachers will sanitize their hands in between the screenings from one child to another.  If necessary, bathrooms may be used.  We will have our single person bathrooms available so two or more people are not in an enclosed area together.  Windows will be open for extra ventilation.  Social distanced waiting areas have been established and will be utilized.

What if I have an additional question or concern before then?

I am always available by email (  If you have a question or concern, please email me and I will respond.

I hope this reference sheet helps to give you some insight as to what the day will look like and helps you to prepare your little one for what to expect.  If you have any further questions, or even a suggestion, please email me.  I am here for you and I am so excited to welcome your little ones to the KES family.  Welcome, welcome, welcome!  See you on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Kathryn White

We Appreciate our Teachers!