Dear Kent Elementary School Community,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 2022-23 school year. Our goal here at KES is to continue to build an enriched learning environment where all children can achieve great success in reaching their fullest potential.

Here at KES our goal is to continue to work with our families in encouraging students to explore, discover, question and develop the lifelong learning skills to become critical thinkers, and problem solvers in an ever-changing world.

The KES staff is made up of highly dedicated professionals who continue to develop their craft of teaching and learning. At KES we value the importance of feedback and a strong partnership between staff and parents. We encourage you to reach out to staff when you have a concern or question. To learn more about our programs, please feel free to navigate our building website where we will update you on our events and activities throughout the school year.

We look forward to welcoming you back to school on Thursday, September 1st (Grades 1-4 only). KINDERGARTEN HAS A MODIFIED SCHOOL DAY, AND THERE IS NO TRANSPORTATION FOR KINDERGARTENERS ON SEPTEMBER 1ST. Kindergarten parents will need to bring your child to school from 9:30AM to approximately 10:45AM, where kindergarteners will participate in an Open House and Bus Run. Busing for kindergarteners and their first full day of school begins on September2nd.

I will update you in mid August as to the date you can log on to the Home Access Center view both your child’s teacher and bus route number.

I wish you and your family an exciting and fulfilling 2022-23 school year.


Anthony DiCarlo
Interim Principal

Latest KES Headlines

  • Kent Elementary Fourth-Grade Students Honor the National Anthem

    It was a star-spangled festive music class for fourth-grade students at Kent Elementary School. To celebrate our national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, music teacher Nina Madison shared the history of the anthem using an illustrated picture book of the lyrics. The students took turns reading the lyrics to the song while Madison translated and explained the words in age-appropriate terms. See a video of our students signing the national anthem.

    Kent Elementary School News
  • Kent Elementary Fourth-Graders Sing Their Way Around the World

    For fourth-grade students at Kent Elementary, music was a gateway to the world this year. Throughout the year, students prepared for their final music concert as Kent Elementary students with songs from around the world. This year’s concert was a celebration of culture, language and music and featured songs from six different countries and in five different languages. See photos and a video from the Kent Elementary Grade 4 Music Celebration.

    Kent Elementary School News
  • Kent Elementary Celebrates Field Week

    Our Kent Elementary School students didn't just get Field Day this year, they got a Field Week! Over the course of last week, our students had the opportunity to play water games, run an inflatable obstacle course, master hula hoop tossing, hop in potato sacks, enjoy tasty snacks and more. Check out photos from the Kent Elementary Field Week.

    Kent Elementary School News
  • Kent Elementary Music Enrichment Students Perform at Board of Education Meeting

    At the May 24 Board of Education meeting, fourth-grade music enrichment students from Kent Elementary performed for the community. The students opt to participate in the music enrichment program in lieu of their recess period once a week.

    "They worked so hard all year and put on an AMAZING show!" said Nina Madison, KES music teacher. "I am so proud of them and grateful to everyone who came out to support us!

    Watch them perform at the beginning of the meeting.

    Kent Elementary School News
  • Delicious Dirt Cup Desserts for Kent Elementary Buddies

    Who knew dirt could be so delicious? Dirt pudding cups that is! First- and fourth-grade buddy pairs at Kent Elementary School celebrated the recent Earth Day by creating a yummy nature-inspired treat using chocolate pudding, crushed Oreo cookies and gummy worms. See more photos of our students working together on their dirt cup desserts.

    Kent Elementary School News
  • Kent Elementary Kindergarteners Study Environmental Changes

    Do animals and plants change our environment? Kindergarten students at Kent Elementary School jumped into the roles of scientists during a recent lesson presented by the Center for Environmental Education at PNW BOCES. The students were asked if they believed that animals and plants could change other plants, animals, water or even rocks in the environment around us. In the name of research, the students studied facts about three different living things in the environment: beavers, kudzu vines and turtles. Read full story on the environmental change lesson.

    Kent Elementary School News
  • Kent Elementary First Grade Celebrates Reading with Assemblyman Kevin Byrne

    First-grade students at Kent Elementary School recently had a special guest reader in class, Assemblyman Kevin Byrne, to continue our Read Across America celebrations. See photos from the Assemblyman's visit.

    Kent Elementary School News
  • Pac-Man Tag at Kent Elementary

    Kent Elementary kindergarten and first-grade students practiced jumping, leaping and hopping from hoop to hoop while playing Pac-Man tag in the gym! See a video of our students in action.

    Kent Elementary School News
  • KES Kindergarteners Captivate with Creative Snowflakes

    While the local area prepared for some winter weather, it was already snowy in the front hallway at Kent Elementary School thanks to our kindergarten students in Caroline Thaler's class! See our students' snowflake designs.

    Kent Elementary School News
  • Kent Elementary Student Gets Surprise Reunion with Military Father

    Kent Elementary second-grade student Gianna Cautillo was chosen as one of the school's weekly Carmel 6C good behavior winners. The prize awaiting her: her dad, just returning home from a 10-month military deployment! Read full story on their reunion.

    Kent Elementary School News
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